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How The 1-2-2 System Works

The first is to decide whether to bet during the system on red or black ( even / odd or passe / manque ); to choose the color if you are in an online roulette where you access a table where you are alone we have no advice to give you and choose randomly, if instead you are in a live table where there are many people (for example LeoVegas) or other tables with roulette with web cam dealers , you have to understand which is the dominant color of the day or session and bet on that; same thing is true if you are in a real casino, pause a little to look at the game and understand which color is predominant;

The second is to understand what strategy to use in applying the 1-2-2 system that we are about to explain: you have to choose when to make your bet, after which event to bet for example black. There are 4 events to choose from and they are the following: 1) play after a black comes out; 2) play after a red is released; 3) play after the release of 2 reds; 4) play after the release of 3 reds.

In summary , you first chose the color, in our case black, and then you chose the event that, upon its occurrence, brings you into play, in our case we choose event 3) that is, we decide to play after the release of 2 consecutive reds.

Once you have chosen the color and the entry event, you play and apply the system which works in a simple way as follows: when the event occurs you bet 1 piece on red, if you win the series ends and you have won and wait again for the chosen event to occur before playing, if you lose you will always bet 2 pieces on red, if you win the game ends while if you lose you will still bet 2 pieces on red. In the third bet, whether you win or lose the game ends. It is called the 1-2-2 system because you bet 1 piece then 2 and then 2 more pieces and then the game is over.

The Odds Of Winning

By adopting the 1-2-2 system your chances of winning are good and precisely 66.6% of winning a piece for each series played for the following reasons:

  • If black comes out on the first or second roll, you have won the series;

  • if black comes out on the third roll, you have lost 1 piece;

  • if black never comes out you have lost 5 pieces;

  • you have 2 out of 3 rolls to win ( the first two ) and 1 out of 3 rolls to lose ( the third );

  • considering the fact that you start the series after 2 consecutive reds you actually play on 4 bets to win and on 5 wrong bets to lose everything.

In conclusion, this is an intelligent system for managing money but also for betting, certainly not the most exciting and exciting system in existence, for some it might be boring.

The Variant Of The Double 1-2-2

An interesting variant of this system is that of the double 1-2-2 which consists in choosing 2 simple chance bets to play and not just one. Obviously pick the dominants and play them the same way as if it were one , so we’re just repeating the 1-2-2 system twice.

The 1-2-4 Variant

This variant is a first taste of the same, that is, it is the Martingale applied up to the third hit, therefore with a clear limit. Always choosing the dominant and the criterion to enter the game you start to bet 1 piece. If you win the game ends, if you lose then you bet 2 pieces, if you win the game ends with a profit chip, if you lose you bet 4 pieces, after which the game ends or with a sound loss of 7 pieces or with a 1 piece win in case you win the third hit.

On the one hand it is more risky than the previous ones because 3 hits without winning cause you to lose 7 pieces as opposed to 5 lost with the 1-2-2 system.

The 1-2-3 Variant

If you have read the whole article, I might not even write the functioning of this variant because surely you have arrived at it by yourself: you bet 1 piece, if you win it ends the game, if you lose they bet, if you lose again they bet. 3 and in any case the game ends at the third episode.

This system is conceptually strange because it focuses on winning on the first shot, the other two shots are used to recover the losses of the previous shot or shots.

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